Google's New Search Format Raises Questions About the Future of Journalism

Google introduced its new AI-integrated search feature called "Search Generative Experience" or SGE

In its recent annual I/O conference, Google introduced its new AI-integrated search feature called "Search Generative Experience" or SGE. One of its key components is the "AI Snapshot" feature that offers a summarization of the searched topic in an LLM-generated summary before presenting the blue links. The technology, which uses AI to summarize internet content, is raising questions about the future of the journalism industry and how publishers will continue to monetize their work.

The change in the search format may seem harmless, but it has potential consequences for publishers, who may lose their income streams. As Google is responsible for hosting 91% of all search traffic, the new search format is a major concern. If publishers cannot monetize their work, it could be catastrophic for the industry.

The new format is also a cause for concern for those who rely on accurate information. With most information consumers barely making it to the second page of search results, it's more likely that users will only see the summarization provided by Google. If Google's AI system is going to use the summarization of original work without connecting users to the original content, it may cause misinformation and confusion.

There are also concerns about how Google plans to compensate publishers for the use of their content. Although Google has stated that it will prioritize approaches that support a healthy and open web, it has not disclosed any plans to compensate publishers. Publishers are worried that their business model will be threatened, and the effects on the industry could be catastrophic.

In conclusion, the SGE technology has raised concerns about the future of the journalism industry. As Google is responsible for the majority of search traffic, the company's actions can have a significant impact on the industry. The technology may have unintended consequences, such as misinformation and confusion, which could further undermine the industry's integrity. As of now, it is unclear how Google plans to address these concerns.

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