Google Bard: What we know so far about the upcoming AI chatbot and its premium version

Google Bard is an AI chatbot that aims to rival ChatGPT, the popular conversational agent developed by OpenAI. Google has been working on Bard for a while, but has not revealed much about its features or release date. However, a recent leak by a well-known tipster has given us some clues about what to expect from Bard and its premium version, Bard Advanced.

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing and generation to interact with users. It can answer questions, generate content, and perform various tasks based on user prompts. Google Bard is powered by Gemini, Google’s own language model that claims to be more efficient and scalable than other models like GPT-3.

Google Bard is currently in beta testing and is available to a limited number of users who have signed up for early access. Users can access Bard through a web interface or a mobile app, and can choose from different modes such as Balanced, Creative, and Precise. Users can also customize their Bard experience by changing the voice, personality, and language of the chatbot.

What is Bard Advanced?

Bard Advanced is a premium version of Google Bard that offers more capabilities and features. According to a leak by Dylan Roussel, a prominent leaker who shared screenshots from Google Bard’s website, Bard Advanced is described as a “more capable large language model with advanced math and reasoning skills.”

Bard Advanced is powered by Gemini Ultra, Google’s top-of-the-line language model that is a significant improvement over Gemini Pro, the model that runs the current version of Bard. Bard Advanced is expected to be able to handle more complex and diverse prompts, and to produce more accurate and coherent responses.

However, Bard Advanced may not be available to everyone. The leak suggests that users will need a Google One subscription to access Bard Advanced, and that the price may vary depending on the tier of Google One. Google One is a cloud storage service that offers different plans ranging from 100 GB to 30 TB of storage, as well as other benefits such as VPN, Google Photos, and Google Play.

What are the features of Google Bard?

The leak by Dylan Roussel also revealed six potential features that Google Bard may have in development. These features are codenamed Motoko, Gallery, Tasks, Sharing Background/Foreground, Power Up, and Bard Advanced. Here is a brief overview of each feature:

  • Motoko: This feature could allow users to create bots, although the exact meaning and purpose of this feature is unclear. The leak shows a sidebar titled “Your Motokos” and an option to create Threads, which could be related to bot creation or management.
  • Gallery: This feature could let users explore different topics to see what they can do with Bard. The leak suggests that this feature could display example prompts based on various categories and allow users to search the results. This could be useful for users who are new to AI chatbots or want to discover new possibilities with Bard.
  • Tasks: This feature could be used to manage long-running processes, such as generating a photo. The leak does not provide much detail about this feature, but it could be similar to the Tasks feature in ChatGPT, which allows users to monitor the progress and status of their requests.
  • Sharing Background/Foreground: This feature could enable users to easily share their Bard queries by creating a public link and customizing the background and foreground of the display. The leak shows a screen where users can choose from different colors and images for the background and foreground, and copy the link to share with others.
  • Power Up: This feature could help users improve their prompts for better and more precise outcomes. The leak indicates that this feature could work by reviewing the user’s prompt and providing tips to help them refine their search. This could be helpful for users who want to get the most out of Bard and avoid vague or ambiguous prompts.
  • Bard Advanced: This feature is the premium version of Bard that offers more capabilities and features, as explained above.

When will Google Bard launch?

Google has not announced an official launch date for Google Bard or Bard Advanced, but it has confirmed that they are in development. In December 2023, Google revealed some details about its next-generation artificial intelligence model Gemini, and mentioned that the “Bard Advanced experience” would arrive early in 2024. No further details have been shared since then.

Google Bard is one of the most anticipated AI chatbots in the market, and it could pose a serious challenge to ChatGPT, which has been dominating the field since its launch in 2020. However, until Google Bard is officially released, we can only rely on leaks and rumors to get a glimpse of what it can do and how it will compare to its competitors.

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